This a a story about an little orphan called Anjali whose father died of HIV when she was only 5 years old. He had also unknowingly passed the virus onto her mother who was poor and uneducated with little of no understanding of the seriousness the illness. With no way of earning money, she was forced into working as a prostitute to provide food and shelter for her daughter, however she quickly developed AIDS. As she was unable to afford expensive multiple anti-retrovirus drugs became very ill relatively quickly. For the last year of her life she was sick and bed ridden, unable to feed her daughter who begged on the streets and returned home with food for her mother but she was too sick to eat. Anjali watched her mother die and unable to afford a funeral buried her in common land on the outskirts of the village.

It was after her mother's death that volunteers from the orphanage heard of the girls desperate situation and asked if she could be taken into the care of the orphanage. As no other family members could be found or came forward - probably due to her mother's previous occupation - she was was welcomed into the Orphanage and now lives there with her new family.